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At  Rose Reflexology bar Chinese massage bar we offer you comfort and relax that no other bar can offer you.。We have professional and experienced massage technician, and professional acupuncture and can see all kinds of diseases.


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Chinese medicine massage

at Rose Reflexology Bar that not only do we offer a place for you to enjoy wonderful, revitalising treatments, but also to function as a forum and learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its role within the spa environment today



Indications and efficacy of full massage

Body massage body Shiatsu and hydraulic method. It can not only promote skin blood and lymphatic circulation, tone muscles, prevent aging to reach the body of the function of beauty, but also has the function of the treatment of physical illness, favored by consumers. The massage effect is as follows.

① to strengthen the body of blood and lymphatic circulation, and supply the body adequate nutrition.
② promote skin metabolism, regulates body temperature, enhance the secretion of sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and excretion.
(3) the muscles relax, the soft veins organizations to eliminate fatigue.
④ regulation, calms the nervous system, prevention and treatment of nervous fatigue and the resulting obstacles.
⑤ regulate endocrine functions, promoting glands functioning properly.

⑥ adjustment function of internal organs, internal organs fully get the nutrients well to promote emission and excretion of toxins.


poor physical condition, the best choice for acupressure, finger pressure than the hydraulic effect of more regulate bodily functions, and the process is relatively simple. Mental stress or systemic dry skin is the best choice for oil pressure, due to hydraulic easier to relieve the body nerves, and may complement the skin oil and nutrition. At the same time, the hydraulic weight loss.
② the pressure may wear thin, lightweight clothing to physical therapy; hydraulic must bathing, exfoliating, and then the steam bath or sauna, to be the body skin soft, then physical therapy. The use of aromatherapy.
③ non-fasting or postprandial immediately refers to the pressure or oil pressure.
④ physiotherapy after 30 minutes before consumption.
⑤ physiotherapy should drink lots of water.

Reflexology indications and effectiveness of health care

  1. charge:of the spirit of sexualimpotence,migraines,numbness in kness-ankle-joint cramps,kidneydeficiency ,lumbaracid leg weakness,pain,dyspepsia ,feetsweating,feetstinkingsignificantly over suchwell-knowntreatment or adjuvanttherapyrole.’
  2. Effects:`wash the feet.`

Beforeyousleep,washing with hot water,notonly has comfort ,there is the effect of efficacy,butalsoimprovesleep,aging,longevity.MeridianTheory of Medicine form the montherland ,the people have feet of argans at the correnspondingacupuncturepoints,Sanyang ,the ankle joint follwing more than 60 points alone,Such as stimulating the feetcanoftenTaichong,hiddenwhitetooRiver,spring and otherpoints,wecanplay a nourishingvitality,stronglumberstrong gluten ,anti-aging,life-prolongingeffect.




To introduce

Acupuncture is a kind of uniqueChinesetreatmentmeans of disease. It is a kind of "within the diseaseoutside the rule of medicalskill." Is through the channels and collaterals, acupoints in conductioneffect, as well as the application of certain operation, to treatsystemicdisease. In according to the Chinesemedicineclinicaldiagnosis of etiology, diagnosis and treatmentmethod to find the key to disease, distinguish the nature of the disease, which meridians belong to determinepathologicalchanges, which of the zang-fu organs, discern, fever, and it belongs to list the actual situation of the type, the diagnosis. Thencarries on the correspondingacupuncture point prescription, treatment.

Specialist in

Sports injuries: Ilio-tibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITB, runner’s knee), external humeral 言禾epicondylitis (Tennis elbow). Soft tissue injuries.

Acute or chronic pain release: headache, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain.

Hay fever and allergic rhinitis (Asthma).

Stress and anxious, Insomnia, PMS, irregular menstruation, infertility

Indigestion disorders and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Weight reduction and slim control (10 times a course, discuss).

Help smoking quitting.

Acupuncture ∕Chinese  medicine

Chinese acupuncture doctor xuin China, guangxi college of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage the specialized subject graduates, have 5 years of working experience in a hospital. Cape Town has now opened a clinic for five years, he has rich experience in near bed, and well received by the majority of the patients, now in my shop to assist doctor, acupuncture combined with massage, the very good curative effect for a variety of disease, acupuncture is China's key construction characteristic specialized subject, with digital meridian therapeutic apparatus, intermediate frequency therapy apparatus, medical equipment such as microwave acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, cupping, heat treatment, etc. Use of acupuncture and massage treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, especially for waist and leg pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, migraine, sciatica, toothache, menstrual cramps, acute lumbar sprain, lumbar disc, cervical vertebra disease, gout, arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, stroke sequela, catch a cold.. Such as, a variety of disease using a variety of diseases of poor drug treatment can play a significant therapeutic effect.




How to use Moxibustion and box


Property: promoting the flow of qi by warming the channel, supple menting qi and activating blood circulation, relieve the cold and alleviate pain, promote ,the vital function and cure deficiency.

indication:periathritis  humeroscapularis,muscle strain ,pain of lumber and leg,hyperosteogny,prolapse of interverbral disc ,the cold pain in gastric cavity,cough ,facial paralysis .dysmenorrhea.etc


the moxibustion is not allowed when the patient appears the following state:fuddle,rage,great fear and overstrain.

Patient with skin allergy is not allowed moxibustion.

precautions:Be careful when manipulating moxibustion and avoid ambustion,pregent woman intending moxibustion shall follow the advice physician.





 About the use of cupping cups,cylinder of tank,remove the internal air,resulting in negative pressure ,so that surface adsorption for the treatment of disease,Ancient to have horns of bamboo for the instrument,and so also known as the "angle"or "cupping gas",also known as"suction tube" therapy and "pull tube"therapy,Cans,generally with many bamboo,ceramics,glass ,etc.aremade.cupping is partial role of  hyperthermia and negative pressure,causing local tissue hyperemia and intradermal minor blood stasis,promote the smooth parts of meridians,yu strong evil out simultaneously with Huoxueqi,relieve pain ,pulling Sanjiedrugs,fever and cold-dispelling, Qufeng desiccant and so on ,Applicable to the treatment of colds,cough,asthma,headache,pain chest ribs wind cold paralysis,